fib(n)a printed display exploring generative forms.

All forms are generated by Javascript code. The code of each form is driven by the fib(n) function, a function which produces a sequence of Fibonacci numbers.

function fib(n){ if (n > 2) return n; else return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2); }

Each number in this series is the sum of the previous two. As an example, the first ten numbers are as follows:

This sequence is found in nature, often producing spiraling or branching patterns.

Each Fib(n) form is accompanied by a description, the code that generates the form, and examples of the form generated under different parameters. Shown above, is a Fibonacci tree, and this is the tree at one, two and three iterations. This is a classic interpretation of the Fibonacci sequence. The forms introduced later interpret the sequence in more obscure and complex ways.

The Pulpit Rock
The Pulpit Rock
The Pulpit Rock

Fib(n) can be assembled into a three-dimensional display, where each cubic section is dedicated to a specific form.

Fib(n) can be also read as a folio where the forms can be paged through in order.