The Viral Cycle

An interactive instillation exploring viral biology

The challenge of this project was to re-think the traditional book format as an interactive installation. The subject of this piece is viral replication, a cyclic process of infection, replication and reassembly.

The virus infects a host by injecting its DNA into the host's cytoplasm. This causes the cells own machinery to replicate the viral components instead of its own. Replication occurs until the cell ruptures, releasing a population of new viruses ready to infect more cells.

The approach was to interpret each “page” as a panel revealing a new step in the cycle. As this represent a continuous biological process (without beginning or end) the user can enter the cycle at any point.

Implementation of this project required After Effects and Adobe Animate to generate the animations. The interactivity for this project was coded in Processing. MadMapper was used to manage the surface projection.